We frequently say "everything we make - we make in self defense."  No truer statement has ever been spoken.  When we create a product we usually start with our own needs and thus we are our own testers.  We don't present a product to you until we've tried it and liked it for a period of time. 


Baby Your Ache - Great for sore muscles, joints, and bruises

Baby Your Bite - Stops itching and reduces bites, poison ivy, and general itchiness (Great for hot spots on dogs and cats as well)

Baby Your Burn - A very versatile salve good for any kind of burn - Kitchen, sun, radiation - Also good for minor cuts and scrapes

Baby Your Bum - For diaper rash, and irritations (*useful for all members of the family - soothes irritated membranes caused by spicy food, viruses, IBS, etc)

Baby Your Skin - works for very dry skin and mild eczema; may also help reduce scars


Lotions and Body Care

Baby Your Body - A rich moisturizing lotion with oatmeal and calendula to really baby your body

Baby Your Lips - Lip balm that truly moisturizes and heals your lips, rather than just coating them with wax

Baby Your Nails - A cuticle and nail salve to really moisturize and prevent cracked cuticles, and make nails stronger

Baby Your Hair - Styling product containing oils to moisturize and help control frizz and fly aways; adds body and control without the 'crunches' of more traditional hair care products